Saying Goodbye to Our Couch

While a lot of our apartment purging has involved knick knacks, birthday cards, preschool art work, and shoes a few sizes too small, there are some bigger pieces of furniture that we are tossing/selling/donating as well. One of those things is our couch.

It’s 13 years old. It’s got a big hole on the chaise cushion in a place I can’t hide or flip. It’s been peed on by both humans and dogs. It’s been vomited on more times than I can count. And lastly, it’s middle cushion is now bright green from some colored hair spray Mazzy unsuccessfully tried to wash out of her hair last Friday.

But as beat up and worn down as it is, it’s been a staple in our apartment and on my Instagram feed forever.

Here are just a few of my family’s fondest memories involving our couch over the years:

1) First, Mazzy sat solo.


2) She built her own pillow houses.


3) She had the couch to herself.


4) She had Dad to herself.


5) Then Mazzy prepared for big sisterhood.


6) Mazzy met Harlow.


7) We became a family.


8) Mazzy made room for her new sister on the couch.


9) Then Harlow took over.


10) Harlow discovered her feet.


11) Harlow discovered life on the couch is better with her big sister.


12) We shared smoothies.


13) We watched TV.


14) We upgraded to Apple TV.


15) But discovered we still needed all the old remotes.


16) We ate bananas.


17) We ate some more bananas.


18) We played hide and seek.


19) We played on our iPad.


20) We played the piano too early in the morning.


21) We watched more iPad.


22) We snuggled.


23) Mazzy went through her pink obsession.


24) And her Frozen obsession.


25) We watched more iPads.


26) We had runny noses.


27) We played with dolls.


28) We played with each other.


29) We jumped on it.


30) We fell asleep on it.


31) But most of all, we watched our iPads.


32) And watched.


33) And watched.


34) And watched.


35) We tried to break our paci habit.


36) And failed.


37) We started wearing pigtails.


38) We drank “nice and warmy milky.”


39) We played music.


40) Harlow discovered her love of sunglasses.


41) Celebrities sat on it.


42) Harlow performed on it.


43) Mazzy and Harlow built pillow houses together.


44) We watched the Giants.


45) We danced.


46) We whipped and nae-nae’d.


47) We invaded each other’s personal space.


48) We got comfortable with the Mensch.


49) We kept warm over winter break.


50) Harlow lived her best life.


51) Mazzy stayed home sick.


52) We ate our weight in waffles.


53) We told the story of Passover.


54) We celebrated birthdays.


55) Mazzy turned seven.


56) Wait. Wasn’t she just two??


57) We watched our iPads together.


58) We watched our iPads apart.


59) We actually read a book every once in a while.


60) We wore matching pajamas.


61) We wore couture dresses.


62) We became Rebel Girls.


63) And brave girls.


64) We said goodbye to our couch.


65) And then we went back to watching our iPad.

Goodbye, couch! Thanks for the memories. I’ll miss you. But hopefully the new couch will be just as photogenic!

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